Do you have to use Oracle Wallet as part of Fusion Middleware? Do you also have a wildcard SSL certificate?  If so, then this tutorial is for you.  This tutorial is the result of trying to make a new install of Internet Native Banner (INB) play nicely with our wildcard certs so that if we change the hostname of the system or clone the virtual machine SSL does not break or require adjustment. To start things off, let’s establish a couple of conventions that will be used in the tutorial.  First, I will use a couple of environment variables throughout: $OHSINSTANCEHOME is the Oracle HTTP Server’s home.  If your application happens to be INB then the directory listing will look something like this: [genebean ~]$ sudo ls -l $FMW_HOME total 780 drwx------ 3 oracle oinstall 4096 Sep 24 14:11 auditlogs drwx------ 2 oracle oinstall 4096 Sep 24 » Read more