If you are not familiar with chocolatey, its an awesome package manager, like apt or yum, for Windows. You can also host your own internal chocolatey feed and there is even a Puppet module to build it for you. This can be especially useful for machines that cannot reach out to the internet to perform the installations. Chocolatey even provides a step-by-step guide on how to internalize packages, this can be a lot of manual steps from building packages, to getting them up to the Chocolatey server, keeping history, and maintaining when there are package updates. This is why I created a quick solution for maintaining your package history in Git and using GitLab CI to automate building and deploying packages to your internal Chocolatey server. This guide assumes you have an internal GitLab instance, an internal Chocolatey server, and a Windows based GitLab Runner with powershell execution. Documentation here » Read more

 Jake Spain